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Northfield Hills Homeowners Association

Who We Are

The Northfield Hills Homeowners Association is operated by volunteer officers who are residents of the member subdivisions. The Board of Directors consists of the following Association members:

President                                      (Currently vacant)

Vice-President                              Judy Kosar

Secretary                                      Robin Wirthlin

Treasurer                                      Tom DeCraene

Webmaster                                   Bob Salloum

Director - Santa Breakfast            Vacant - need volunteer

Director - Egg Hunt                       Vacant - need volunteer

Director-at-large                            John Groth plus several openings

2021 CANH Reps                         John Groth, Judy Kosar and Bob Salloum

If you need to contact a Board member, leave a note on our "Contact NHHA" page.  The webmaster will

see that the message is delivered.

Note: None of the Officers or directors can provide information on the status of any particular property. See "Status Sheets."