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The 2018 CANH Fishing Contest took place on July 14th in Beechwood Park. Twenty-five children and parents attended and all enjoyed a pizza and salad lunch after the contest in the clubhouse. Below are photos submitted by CANH Board members of the event.

The winners of this year's Fishing Contest follow:

Largest Fish              - Adela West             12 1/2 inches

Second Largest Fish - Anish Shanbhag     11 inches

Third Largest Fish     - George West           10 3/4 inches

Smallest Fish            - Riley Smith               4 inches

Most Fish                  - Gabe Krajewski        13 fish (this marks the third year in the last four that Gabe has won a prize in the CANH Annual Fishing Contest)

See you next year at the 10th Annual CANH Fishing Contest